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Empty Spaces :: Official Band Site :: Samantak Sinha

Samantak Sinha a.k.a. Sunny, is the voice of Empty Spaces. He is known for his vocal range and his ability to sing rock ballads with a certain mysticism that is un-paralleled.

Apart from Empty Spaces, Sunny has also lent his voice to mega TV serials such as STAR Jalsha's Gaaner Opare and numerous ad jingles.

Sunny was born on 3rd June, and is a Gemini. He Holds a bachelor's degree of Commerce from Calcutta University and is an alumnus of South City College Calcutta.

Sunny considers his musical influences to include Richard Marx, Deep Purple, The Doors, John Denver and Sting amongst a host of others. He enjoys reading Sherlock Holmes and Feluda classics, and has a fascination for fast cars!!

Apart from music he has interests in Badminton and in Performing Arts.

Sunny's first stage appearance was at the age of 5, and he has received his initial music training from Sri Pradip Chatterjee.

Contact Sunny at, or on Facebook, Orkut, or you can also sign our Guestbook to catch up with him.

Press Statement:

Samantak Sinha is a multi-talented singing sensation who has come to the forefront of media attention after the hugely successful tele-serial Gaaner Opare. Samantak lent his voice for the male lead of the serial - Gora, singing Rabindrasangeets with a very modern feel breaking away from the traditional styles of singing Tagore's songs. Samantak's style of Rabindrasangeet singing accompanied with a guitar has become very popular among the masses, both old and young alike, and he is considered a cultural youth icon of today.

The reason for tasting success in such a short time and forming a special connect with the youth, stems from Samantak's origins in music: Samantak started his musical endeavors when he was around five, but would generally avoid performing at stage shows all his school life, as he considered himself to be very shy to perform on stage. Once in college, everything changed, Samantak found love in Rock music and formed a band named "Empty Spaces", and was frequently spotted singing Doors, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd numbers with his band at college fests and reunions. The youth could easily connect with Samantak's music and bonded with his style. In 2009 Samantak and his band released an online album "Jibon Britto" that showcased his prowess with Rock music. Soon after college ad jingles followed, taking Samantak to Mumbai where he worked on radio and TV ad work for two years. It was here in Mumbai, that Debajyoti Mishra, the music director of Gaaner Opare made Samantak an offer he just couldn't refuse - to sing Rabindrasangeet in a new and modern way that would appeal to all generations, and Gaaner Opare happened. Beyond Gaaner Opare Samantak has also lent his voice for playback in mainstream Tollywood films, most notably he has recieved a lot of accolades for rendering a duet with Shreya Ghosal in the film "Uro Chithi" titled "Saradin".

These days, the youth of today finds a connect with Samantak's soulful voice and heart warming renditions, be it of Rock, Jazz, or Rabindrasangeet. There is a flair of honesty and innocence in his voice that has made him to be accepted by both modern and traditional music listeners alike. The journey from Rock to Rabindrasangeet and beyond, has made Samantak what he is today - a youth icon. Read more about Samantak and his work from his band's website
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