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Empty Spaces :: Official Band Site

Empty Spaces :: Official Band Site

Empty Spaces :: Official Band Site

Empty Spaces :: Official Band Site

Empty Spaces :: Official Band Site

Empty Spaces :: Official Band Site

Empty Spaces :: Official Band Site

Empty Spaces :: Official Band Site ::
Empty Spaces Abol Tabol
Empty Spaces Jibon Britto
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We have a total of 132 entries displayed on 14 pages.

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u guys r really very good.... recent joto band aachhe tader modhye best so far... each n every 1 are playing awesome.... keep playing from heart.... we all r fan of good music... we all r fan of u here!!!

thnx for entertaining us

Name: savi Added On: July 17, 2010 at 22:34:29

Hi Savi, thanks for the compliments and your support. You are sure to get a lot more from us in the future. Keep in touch!
Kaalker show-ta darun laglo. Face-to-face ota niye aaro bolbo .

Putu, website-er new look-ta besh bhalo hoyeche. Nice facelift .

Name: Saptashaw Added On: July 7, 2010 at 14:50:40

Thanks Sapta! Ami to Bangalorey back kore gechi... phone/chat ey kotha hobe.
Empty Spaces rocks on Tara Music.
You guys were really great.
I liked the abol-tabol concept and also your upcoming hindi album.

Sunny r Sougata da fatiye diecho boss.
Rambo Ashas gaan tai bapokk bajiyechis bhai...ota kalker best..

Tomra sobai chaliye jao. abol-tabol r hindi album r gaan gulo sonar jonno wait korchi.

Name: Prabhat Added On: July 7, 2010 at 11:11:55

Thanks Prabhat! Jibon Britto'r gaan gulo download kore suno, jodi already na sune thako.
nice work guys .........

parle lyrics gulo post koro .....

nd bst of lck

Name: Joydeep Paul Added On: July 7, 2010 at 10:51:24

Thanks Joydeep. Ei muhurte lyrics post korar kono plan nei kaaron aaro onyo kichu kaaj ache sitey. Lyrics post korle tomay janabo. Bhalo theko!
Hello Guys, I have been a fan of your band after listening the songs of the Album "Jiban Britto". It is very much attractive. I have also recommended it to my friends...
Thanks a lot and all the best for your bright future..

Name: Sujay Added On: July 5, 2010 at 13:07:17

Thanks Sujay! Tomar Facebook ey dekhlam tomar credentials - Ashutosh College, IIT Kharagpur, Meghnad Saha Intitue theke PhD.... tomar moto scholar er kach theke erokom bhalo comments pawa amader kache khub gorber bishoy.
bhalo theko,
khub bhalo album. ekta darun fresh feeling ache gaan gulor modhye. Lyrics-o besh bhalo.
r, gaaner opare-r title track-tao bhalo legeche.
notun album ber koro, tomader band-r concept-ta ekebare alada.
bhalo cholbei.
I will recommend this album to all my friends.

Name: Ayan Mukherjee Added On: June 29, 2010 at 23:44:45

Thanks for the generous compliments Ayan. Keep in touch, and take care.
Great Arun....I am impressed the Way you handled my critical observations...
As you are based out of Bangalore; do you know Ranjan Ghoshal(Mohiner Ghoraguli Fame)...
In case u need any pro help about ur forthcoming Music Videos; contact us!
We are available at
U can ask ur Kolkata Guys to contact us for further creative adda!!

Name: Abhishek Ganguli Added On: June 8, 2010 at 12:46:13

Thanks for the pointer Abhishek. I hope we will get an opportunity to work together for some of our future projects!
Take care & keep in touch!
Saw ur Ashushtota Video...
Nice Concept...but toooooo many cut pastes...very little of the Band...
These Videos become Monotonous after One Viewing becoz they lack the Original Feel
...Abhishek Ganguli
Learning System
Into Films.....Events.....Talent Mgt.......Training

Name: Abhishek Ganguli Added On: June 6, 2010 at 19:38:09

Hi Abhishek, first of all a big thanks for critiquing our video. We specially appreciate the fact that you have pointed out the negative aspects of our effort. Thanks.
Secondly, the very strength that fuels us is also what limits us and that is distance. Sunny is in Mumbai, Rahul in Pune and I reside in Bangalore because of our careers; and it's this distance that bonds us better, but it also limits what we can do with the limited time we can overlap with each other to feature the whole band in the video. But I absolutely agree with your point on the shortcomings of this video, we acknowledge it, and hope in the future we can improve on that front.
We value a negative feedback more than we do a "all is well" one, becoz many a time its exactly the opposite for the latter type of comments.
Thanks for listening and keep in touch!
Hey...,The songs are too much good...specially the songs achena chobi...I am waiting for ur next album.....

Have a nice day...

Name: Kanti Added On: May 27, 2010 at 09:37:08

Thanks Kanti! amader gaaner links tomar bondhudero dio!
FOR SUNNY: "Pagla, ki khobor re? Bayta tor to hulia puro bodle gechhe.. Happy to see you fresh and changed. Mumbai te ki industry join korli? Best wishes to you, parle jogajog korish <>, I am regular on mails. Will give you my contact number once u reply. You're one of the finest vocalists I have ever worked with, ekhuno lok ke boli.. Take care and keep singing like always, Ciao - Kunal, Drums."
FOR EMPTY SPACES: "Khub bhalo laglo.. The scene can only change with productions like you.. Keep Rocking - Kunal"

Name: Kunal Kundu Added On: May 6, 2010 at 10:28:58

hey kunal how u doin man??? thnx for listening to our music. yes industry join korechi. thnx for d support. i will contact u shortly in mails.
tk cr bro.
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