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Empty Spaces

To our outside world, Empty Spaces is "an Indian Art Rock band from Kolkata", but to us Empty Spaces is our home, and family.

Empty Spaces started in 2005 when we were all still in college, and at that time personal and professional commitments were few. All we wanted to do was to play great music and to make great music, life as we knew it, was simple.

Over the years, our commitments have changed considerably - Sougata, Arun, Rambo and Rahul are engineers, Sukanta an architect and Sunny a professional vocalist, each with our own professional careers. Furthermore, Arun and Rahul are presently pursuing their PhD's outside India.

But still things haven't changed a bit - we still want to play great music, and we still want to make great music; time, distance, professional and personal commitments haven't affected that.

We exist today to play, and make music, and Empty Spaces is where we do it, if a day comes when this changes in us, it will be time to wrap up Empty Spaces - but that's not happening yet.

Here is what we strive to do with Empty Spaces:

  • We try to adhere to very strict standards of music production
  • We consider Empty Spaces as a production house, and not just a band
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